The Need

Modern public safety and emergency service agencies—such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, and fire departments—must justify their operational and strategic decision making to a public demanding increased transparency and accountability.

To ensure that their activities align with their communities’ needs, agencies must accurately—and efficiently—determine the demand for their resources and understand how those resources are being used.

Calls for service (CFS) drive the demand for public safety and emergency service resources, making CFS data (often 911 data) the foundation for analyzing operational demands and strategic priorities. Despite understanding the inherent value of CFS data, agencies often lack the resources, time, and tools to transform CFS data into operational and strategic law enforcement analytics.

The Solution

RTI’s CFS Analytics tool is open source and unlocks valuable data. CFS Analytics processes raw CFS data and presents them in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. These police analytics provide a visual representation for greater insight into operational and strategic issues. CFS Analytics also distributes law enforcement analytics capability throughout an agency, enabling all levels of the chain of command to make better-informed decisions.

The Technology

CFS Analytics is a web-based application with a robust data architecture that makes CFS data analytically accessible. CFS Analytics is built on open source web technologies that run on existing hardware, making it easily deployable across your agency, with the law enforcement analytics easily accessible.

Analyze Resource Allocation

CFS Analytics allows users to visualize CFS data over different time periods to allow for pattern analysis and call volume analysis

Analyze Response Time

CFS Analytics allows users to drill down into CFS data and visualize response times by call priority, type of call, and unit responding.

About Justice Research at RTI

RTI is dedicated to improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. Our research on critical issues in law enforcement, emergency medical services, and fire departments at the federal, state, and local levels focuses on developing results that are operationally relevant. Our experts and public safety practitioners collaborated to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public safety and emergency service operations. CFS Analytics is the result.