Brian Acken is Director of the CFS Analytics product line. Mr. Acken has more than 30 years’ experience in law enforcement, specifically in uniformed patrol, investigative, and technology-related law enforcement and public safety activities.  After retiring as a Major from the Pennsylvania State Police, Mr. Acken served as the Chief Information Officer for the Montgomery County Police Department in Gaithersburg, Maryland prior to joining RTI.  He has extensive experience deploying public safety record management systems and NIBRS, body worn and mobile video recording systems, public safety communications and public safety policy and business process planning and review.  Mr. Acken is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, has participated in the White House Police Data Initiative, and currently serves on the Office of Justice Programs NISMART-4 Abductions and Missing Persons expert panel. Mr. Acken aggressively supports public safety open data information sharing and specializes in providing technical assistance to police agencies nationally as they navigate the complexities of integrating modern technologies within their data driven policing response.