Analyzing data is a crucial aspect of modern public safety and emergency service agencies. It helps justify operational and strategic decision making to a public demanding increased transparency and accountability. To ensure that your agency’s activities align with the community’s needs, you must accurately – and efficiently – determine the demand for your resources and understand how they are being used.

Calls for Service (CFS) drives the demand for resources, making CFS data the foundation for analyzing operational demands and strategic priorities. Despite understanding the essential value of CFS data, agencies often lack the resources, time, and tools to transform their data into actionable insights.

CFS Analytics is a data visualization software package developed by RTI International’s team of experts – data scientists, criminologists, police, fire, and EMS – with first-hand experience in the agencies facing these resource issues.

Using CFS data as a foundation for strategic, operational, and administrative analysis, CFS Analytics™ is designed to automate complicated analyses and provide intuitive visualizations that:

Manage Performance – Quickly compare response times and other performance metrics across different units.

Justify Budgets – Demonstrate to civic financial managers and communities the demands on your agency’s resources.

Allocate Resources – Confirm your resources are being used to their full potential.

Improve Awareness – Clearly visualize, with data and graphs, the day-to-day first responder experience.

Identify Constraints – Where your resources—both personnel and time—are outstripped by demand and operational chokepoints.

Citizen- and Responder-Initiated Demands – Identify how citizen demand for resources compares with where safety personnel are delivering.