CFS Analytics

A web-based police research SaaS application that processes and analyzes calls-for-service data to help with public safety operations.

Increasing demand for your policing resources requires you to be as efficient as possible and able to justify—to the public and elected and appointed officials—how you use your resources.

With CFS Analytics police research SaaS, your text-heavy call-for-service data (often 911 data) is automatically converted to maps, graphs, charts, and other visualizations to better understand your jurisdiction’s demands for public safety operations. Command staff are better equipped to optimize resource allocations and crime analysts can do deeper with help from our police research SaaS application of public safety operations.


New Data available with New AVL Integration

No one expects a police car on every corner, but citizens feel comfort in knowing they are close by and conducting regular patrols of their neighborhood. Except, police departments must deal with ever expanding patrol areas, which may lead to focusing only on the trouble spots and areas where people demand a presence. The addition…

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Webinar: Use Your 911 and AVL Data for Better Resource Management

Law enforcement officers have little time and too few resources for nonessential functions and analysis. Calls for service (CFS) drive demand for public safety and emergency service resources, making CFS data the foundation for analyzing policing demands and strategic priorities. However, agencies often lack the resources, time, and tools to use CFS data to inform…